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4811 State Line Rd
Kansas City, MO, 64112
United States


Endless Wags provides pet sitting, dog walks, and pet transportation for dogs and cats in Kansas City.

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About Us

Who we are and how Endless Wags came to want to serve the Kansas City pet community.


 Founders  Jodee and Boston

Founders  Jodee and Boston



After graduating from Kansas State University, I moved to Nashville, TN where I discovered my passion for working with animals. I was an office manager at two Veterinary Hospitals in Nashville for five years and loved every minute of it, especially all of the furry critters.

Boston, Andrew, and I decided to move back home to Kansas City, Missouri and are excited to be closer to family. I brought back my newfound passion for working with animals and started Endless Wags.

Our mission is to provide essential services to pet owners with personalized care and unmatched trust and expertise. When you need someone to look after your furry ones we are there with professionalism unlike any other service around. 

Currently servicing most of Kansas City, including: Westwood, The Plaza, Westport, Midtown, Mission, Brookside, Waldo, Prairie Village, and Overland Park, 

Meet Our Sitters!

 Alex and  Dominick

Alex and Dominick



Manager / Pet Sitter

Alex was born and raised in the Overland park area. Both Alex's parents were animal lovers so she has always been surrounded by animals. She grew up with two Golden Retrievers and 4 cats. In high school, Alex found herself pet sitting and dog walking and discovered how much she enjoyed visiting different animals everyday! In 2011, Alex adopted a beautiful long haired cat named Ivy, and just last year she added a kitten named Neko to the kitty crew! Currently Alex lives in Roeland Park with her boyfriend and their white husky Dominick -- a big goofball who loves to give kisses.

Alex attended the Kansas City Art Institute in 2010 and has always had a passion for the arts and loves making pottery. She hopes to one day be able to own her own studio. She also enjoys playing guitar, and riding her bike. 

 Catherine and Max

Catherine and Max




Catherine is a native of Kansas City and has been a stay at home mom for the last 20 years. She loves all animals and has had dogs and various other pets all her life. Since her children are all in school she decided it would e nice to get out and help people care for their pets. She has years of pet sitting experience, and is excited to be a part of Endless Wags!

Catherine is the mother of six wonderful children, a Golden Retriever named Max, and a cat named Zoey.

 Kelly and Mika

Kelly and Mika

 Rebecca, Jake, Lena and Fritz

Rebecca, Jake, Lena and Fritz

 Kate and Sofie

Kate and Sofie

 Maura and Goo

Maura and Goo

 Zoe, Ruthie Lou and Lola

Zoe, Ruthie Lou and Lola

 Laura and Ezra

Laura and Ezra

 Karen, Maggie and Mac

Karen, Maggie and Mac






Kelly is currently an art student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and has been working with animals for about three years. She worked as a groomer and as a vet tech at Tomahawk Animal Hospital for almost two years. Her passion has always been drawing and painting, but working with animals is something she's loved doing along side. In her free time she enjoys watching Game of Thrones and Stranger Things, and eating Mac n Cheese :) She also has a Shiba Inu named Mika.



When she is not Rebeccammending the hottest real estate leads to her Reece Nichols clientele, Rebecca can often be found walking her Westies, Lena and Fritz, around West Plaza with her fiance, Jake. Together they have started a real estate investment company, Highland Property Solutions, and are renovating homes in the Kansas City area with the help of their Westie namesakes. Rebecca is also a member of the Junior League of Kansas City, a seasoned equestrian, and never says no to a croissant. 




Kate is a St. Louis native who has never met a dog she didn't like. She and her family have had three Labrador retrievers (Sofie is pictured with her) throughout the years. Kate has been a volunteer dog walker and foster parent at KC Pet Project for three years. She has completed a Foundations of Dog Handling course and has worked with dogs of many different breeds, ages and special needs. 

Kate has one very spoiled 10-year-old rabbit who prefers to be the only pet in the house. In her free time, Kate enjoys reading magazines, cooking, playing volleyball and going to brunch or happy hour with friends.

When Kate isn't out walking dogs, she is a nanny for three lovely children who live in Hyde Park. Kate has working proficiency in Spanish, as she studied abroad in Spain her senior year of college. She graduated from UMKC in 2014 and previously worked at KCUR 89.3 and 435 Magazine as a journalist.






Maura is a KC native who has grown up with a plethora of pets ranging from dogs to birds to reptiles. With three years of past experience as a boarding supervisor at a local animal clinic and freelance dogsitter, she has a passion for hands on pet care. 

As a performance artist, writer and general animal enthusiast, Maura approaches all her endeavors with dedication. She is also the proud parent of Arrow the cat and two rats named Ed and Ted. 





Zoe is a Prairie Village native who was born with a passion for all animals, especially dogs. In 2015, she graduated from Pittsburg State University with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology. After one year of working as the head chef for an Olathe bistro and boutique, she decided to go back to school. She attended Oakland University, where she earned her certification as a Human-Animal Intervention Specialist, with the dream of starting her own Animal-Assisted Therapy program in the KC area. Zoe’s other dream is to become a Certified Dog Trainer, so she will begin school in the fall of 2017. Someday, Zoe hopes to start her own dog training program and animal sanctuary, where she will rescue all kinds of animals and train them to become therapy animals.  Zoe has worked as an independent pet sitter for 10 years and loves every pet she has ever cared for!

Zoe is the mom of a 2 year old English Mastiff named Ruthie Lou, and two black cats, Sophie and Lola. Zoe will be adding a new fur baby to her family, with the hopes of incorporating her new puppy into future Animal Assisted Therapy sessions and becoming Zoe’s “Student Dog” during dog training school.  Some of Zoe’s favorite things (besides dogs!) are books, writing poetry, Harry Potter, and pizza.  Zoe is excited to join the Endless Wags team!





The two things Laura always asked for on her birthday were a dog and doughnuts. Her parents aren't big animal people so she always got doughnuts. Until she was in her 30's and they got her Cowboy - an 8 week old Bernese Mountain Dog. And then life as a dog mom began and the greatest responsibility of her life.

Laura is originally from upstate New York. She moved to Kansas City two years ago from California with her dog Ezra. They are great travel partners and are happiest when they are outside.  Laura was a volunteer at Wayside Waifs  and has taken courses on dog behavior and dog socialization. 






Karen is a life long dog lover and owner.  Dogs and children are her two favorite mammals because she believes that they are simply the most fun!  Karen presently has 2 King Charles Cavaliers who look like twins but aren't!  In the past, she has owned rescue dogs, a 130 pound Anatolian Shepherd, a Golden Retriever, a German Shepherd and more!  Thus she has gone through numerous Dog Training Classes over the years and has learned how to communicate with our canine friends and see to it that they get enough companionship and  exercise!  Her oldest son is a huge dog lover so Karen became an even bigger one. 

Karen graduated with a degree in Elementary Education and did her graduate work in Psychology. She is married, lives in Kansas City, has 5 grown sons and 7 grandchildren.  She was a Junior League member for years, a Docent at the Nelson Atkins for 10 years and became a Master Gardener last year.  She is an avid reader, a gourmet cook, loves practicing yoga and enjoys travel.  On a recent trip to Alaska, she visited the Denali Dog Sled School where the Alaskan Huskies are trained and live with the Park Rangers.  She and her husband concluded that these dogs are unquestionably our happiest federal government employees!  Karen tries to walk 10,000 steps a day which is actually how she discovered Endless Wags.  Out walking her dogs one day, she met Kate, one of our most popular dog walkers and the connection was made  She is as excited to be on our Team as we are to have her.  She's a dog lover, dog mother and under her care, will become one of your dogs best friends.